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Black jurors and the corruption of justice.

It is now an open secret that black jurors are simply refusing to convict brutal beasts of their crimes if they are black and the victim was white.

Proposal for Constitutional Amendment # 28

By Earl P. Holt III

The individual and sovereign States shall be SOLELY responsible for determining the qualifications of their respective jurors and voters.

Determinations of juror and voter qualifications may include, but not necessarily be limited to: Ownership of Real Property; Participation in Welfare and other forms of public assistance; Education levels attained at accredited institutions; Intelligence, as measured by standard I.Q. tests; as well as Knowledge of basic Civics, as measured by objective determinations of such knowledge, fairly and impartially administered.

Nor shall the Federal Courts, at any level, be empowered to sit in review of, nor hear any appeal arising from this Amendment.

Any disparate impact upon specific groups shall be considered an unfortunate consequence of such legislative determinations, but under NO circumstances shall such disparate impact be deemed sufficient cause to modify or overturn this Amendment, other than through the Constitutional Amendment Process.