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CofCC will attempt to solve Celtic war paint debate at Celt Fest.

March 19th is Celt Fest, sponsored by the East Tennessee CofCC. The event will take place on private property outside of Knoxville, TN. There will be five Scottish game competitions, Scottish/Irish food, door prizes, speeches, and a live remote broadcast of the Political Cesspool radio show after the event.

Using authentic iron age ingredients, CofCC members will also attempt to settle the debate as to which ingredient was responsible for the blue or blue-green warpaint used by Gauls, Britons, and Picts when fighting the Romans.

Woad: This close relative of the Indigo plant was used to dye clothing. It was also used for medicinal purposes. Historians have usually cited woad as the source of the pigment in Celtic war paint for the past 100 years. However, many who have tried using it say it does not work.

Photo: Yarn dyed with woad.

Malachite: Copper Carbonate Hydroxide. Used in Egyptian eye makeup to get a blue-green color. Also used in paints in Europe. Malachite would more closely match a description of Gaulish war paint written by Julius Caesar.

Wealthy Egyptian women would  have two colors of eye makeup. Black, pigmented from Lead Sulfate and blue-green pigmented from malachite. European painters used malachite as a pigment until the 18th century.

Photo Right: Authentic malachite pigmented oil paints.

[youtube mRlsZXjkT3k]