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Conference on "White Oppression" scheduled in Minneapolis.

by Kyle Rogers

An anti-white hate fest is scheduled to occur at the Sheraton Bloomington in Minneapolis, Minnesota this April. It seems that Sheraton, who canceled a reservation for the Amren Conference, sees nothing wrong with explicitly anti-white conferences.

It is called the “White Privilege” conference, and their website claims that minorities suffer from “white oppression.” Most of the groups sponsoring the conference are Universities/Colleges and groups that are openly far-left/Marxist. However the website claims the Minneapolis YWCA is also a sponsor.

The Minneapolis YWCA website contains left-wing slogans and accusations that white people are “racist.” A far cry from the original goals of the YWCA.

Another sponsor is the National Center for Race Amity. The front of their website contains a picture of Malcolm X. This man claimed that an evil wizard created white people, and that white people have no souls. He said that Allah would burn America with fire and exterminate all white people in the near future. Malcolm X was also bisexual and once worked as a homosexual prostitute before joining the Nation of Islam.

The main organizer of the conference appears to be Abby Farber, Associate Professor of Women’s and Ethnic Studies at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. She is also a writer for the left-wing Huffington Post.

Farber writes crude diatribes for the Huffington Post accusing white Americans of “racism” and “homophobia.” However, Farber sees nothing wrong with being a hardcore Jewish Chauvinist. In this Huffington Post column she promotes chauvinist claims of Jewish moral superiority. In this case she claims that “liberal Jews” specifically are morally superior over the rest of Americans.

She says white Christian Americans have failed to uphold the American ideals, and that Jews must force them to make good on their promises.

Farber seems to realize that promoting Jewish Chauvinism conflicts with her stated goals of “eliminating racism.” So she reconciles the two by saying “the majority of Jews that continue to identify as liberals feel some empathy, born of oppression, for other oppressed groups.”