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Dallas County Commissioner says "whites go to hell." Media censors.

Media hides racial hatred espoused by Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price at a county commissioner’s court hearing.

The “mainstream” media is reporting that “Price told citizens to go to hell.” As you can clearly see in this video he says “all of you who are white, go to to hell!”

This is exactly the type of behavior that is going on among black leaders and black elected officials all the time, but is being censored by the media. If Price had been white and told blacks to “go to hell,” it would have been a much bigger news story. The races of those involved would have been included in the headlines, not censored.

Price later refused to apologize and called members of the audience “racists.” He said an audience member used the word “tribal,” which he claims is a “racial slur.” Price gained notoriety a while back for claiming the word “black hole” was a “racial slur.”

After telling all the white people in the room to go to hell, a few object and Price continues yelling “go to hell.” An older white man asks Price if he would like to “take this conversation outside?” Price says “yeah, fat boy,” then runs for a side door and disappears into the court chambers.

See story from CBS Dallas.