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Dave Mustaine: America is sprinting towards Socialism.

Dave Mustain, the frontman for the popular heavy metal band Megadeth, told a radio station host that America is “sprinting towards Socialism.” Watch Video.

When asked if he was still “avid in following politics,” Mustaine replied, “I have tried not to say anything right now because I’m so freaked out about what’s happening to our country. I mean, it looks like we’re sprinting down the path to socialism and I don’t understand where the American people are right now.

I don’t understand that. I know a generation ago that this wouldn’t have happened. It seems like we’re just — like I said — sprinting towards socialism, and I don’t wanna be a socialist. I like living in a free America. The idea that if you have a chicken in a democracy is that it’s your chicken; if you’re in socialism, it’s everybody’s chicken. It’s like a communist country. And the idea of the U.S.S.R.A [laughs], it just doesn’t have a good ring to it.

My God, look at the marketplace right now. This president promised 500,000 new jobs, we have 500,000 less jobs, so he missed that by one million. And I just think, ‘God, how can you be so out of touch?’

Mustaine also denounced political correctness in the interview and told listeners to say how they really feel about things.