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Former St. Petersburg Police chief insults two murdered officers.

Previously CofCC reported on the premeditated ambush of the St. Petersburg Police department and the murder of two officers. The ambush ended with the shooting of perpetrator Hydra Lacey Jr.

10,000 people attended the memorial service for the slain officers. Former police chief Goliath Davis was not one of them, despite being listed as a VIP.

Former St. Petersburg chief of police Goliath Davis (pictured at right) was scheduled to be a VIP at the memorial service for the slain officers. Instead he insulted the officers by skipping it for the funeral of the cop killer. He was also joined by local leaders of militant black groups including the Nation of Islam and Uhuru.

Hydra Lacey’s own brother, famous boxer Jeff Lacey, did not attend the funeral. Lacey’s wife, whom he beat on a regular basis, also did not attend.

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