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German Communist leader demands an end to "white nations."

An interview with a radical leftist in Germany has caused a wave of anger among conservative European websites. Anetta Kahane is a German born Jew and the sister of film director Peter Kahane. She was employed as a “foreign agent” for the municipality of East Berlin tasked with spreading Communist ideology to Latin America. She received numerous awards from the Communist regime for her efforts. Today she is involved with several radical Marxist groups.

In her interview with liberal RT (The Russian version of CNN), she puts all her cards on the table, and confirms what the CofCC and others have been telling you all along. She openly calls for an end to European nationhood as we know it, “to make it better.” She demands that every European country throw open its borders until any concept of “a white country” disappears.

[youtube QuYKtwnzG7M]