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Horowitz calls Campaign for Liberty "Jew Hating Stormtroopers."

House Republicans are warming to the idea of cutting military aid to foreign nations as a way to reduce the military budget. Foreign lobbies are coming unhinged at the idea.

“Conservative” David Horowitz called Ron Paul a “vicious Jew hater,” and campaign for liberty “Jew-hating stormtroopers.” Read More.

Israel is one of the larger recipients of military funding from the American taxpayers.

Israel is not the only one getting large amounts of money. Since 1978, the American taxpayer has paid $60 Billion to fund the Egyptian military. Proponents of foreign military spending claim that the money is needed to maintain stability in Egypt.

Over the past 15 years, guaranteed direct military aid has increased from $10 billion to almost $60 billion a year. This does not include billions more for specialized purposes. Such as $4.5 billion a year in foreign assistance to fight narcotics, while our own Mexican border is intentionally left wide open.

This also does not include numerous other forms of economic assistance.

In 2009, the American taxpayers spent $336 (This number increased to $414 last year) per Israeli citizen on direct military and economic aid to Israel. For Afghanistan it was $306 per Afghan. $188 for every citizen of Namibia.  Iraqis received $78 per citizen (actually a lot more because we are subsidizing their gasoline prices and other items.) Egyptians received $28 per Egyptian citizen.