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Man accused of racially motivated double murder urinates in court.

One of the four black Marines accused of the racially motivated double torture/rape/murder urinated at his court hearing. The victim was a white Marine Corps officer and his black wife. The perps were allegedly angry that the man was married to a black woman and killed the pair out of racial hatred. The group of black perpetrators wrote racial epitaphs on the walls of the victim’s house.

From New York Daily News…

One of the Marines accused of torturing and murdering their Brooklyn-raised commanding officer and his wife was having his head examined Friday after he suddenly began urinating during his court hearing.

Kesuan Sykes, whose nickname is “Psycho,” was in the midst of a pre-trial hearing when he stood up and began flinging urine around a California courtroom.

Court officers pounced on the shackled suspect, and the judge ordered Sykes to undergo a mental evaluation after the disgusting display, which happened last Friday.

Sykes, 23, is believed to be the most disturbed of the four Marines charged with the brutal murders of Sgt. Jan Pawel Pietrzak and his wife, Quiana.

Sykes allegedly joked about sodomizing Quiana Pietrzak with a sex toy – in front of her hog-tied husband – and made “buzzing sounds,” a detective has testified.