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Militant "anti-Amren Rally" is a total flop.

The so called “anti-Amren” rally in Charlotte was supposed to consist of about a dozen different pro-black and left-wing groups. Supporters claimed hundreds would show up. Instead about 17 militant communists and hardcore “anarchist” gang types showed up. About a third of the attendees were the speakers, some of whom came from out of town.

Leonard Zeskind led the “rally.” He is so radical that the liberal Kansas City Magazine once called him a “menace.” He has been previously listed as the leader of armed militant groups and has a history of glorifying Joseph Stalin. More recently he conned the NAACP into paying him to write an expose on the TEA Party movement. The poorly researched, and crudely written expose ended up embarrassing the NAACP on the national stage when it was released.

According to the Charlotte NBC station, the turnout was so low that organizers decided not to use their megaphone.