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Police: 13 thugs aged 17-27 gang raped 11 year old.

According to the BBC at least one in four adult black males in South Africa admitted to raping someone before. In some urban areas the number was over one third. Even Zuma, the president of South Africa admitted to raping a girl who he knew was HIV positive (though he says he took a shower afterward to avoid catching AIDS). At least one in twenty adult black males admits to raping someone in the past year. 10% of adult men even said they had been raped by another man before. In this type of environment, nothing is a shock anymore.

Could African-American culture ever degenerate to the levels seen in Africa? In Cleveland, Texas it appears that is has.

Police say thirteen black males aged 17-27 participated in the brutal gang rape of an 11 year old. A type of crime usually unheard of outside of sub-Saharan Africa. The monsters video taped the gang rape with multiple cameras to show to friends. The video and photo stills were discovered circulated among black students at several area High Schools and Middle Schools. Including the school that the 11 year old victim attended.

The attack took place in Cleveland, Texas and one of the alleged perps is even the son of a Cleveland school board member.

Despite the fact that the girl is 11, many in the black community claim that no crime has been committed. Instead they say that the 11 year old was a willing participate who sought out sex with adult men. Family members of several of the accused have gone on angry rants defending their innocence. A group of family members even mobbed the court house to proclaim their innocence.

Some of the suspects already had unrelated pending charges, including one for felony manslaughter.

More Suspects Arrested in Pre-Teen Sex Assault: