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Presidents Day

We Salute You General Washington
by L.R. Olsen

If you live in the Southern states you know that we don’t handle snow very well. After all, we don’t get the fluffy white stuff very often. So it’s not as if we have snow plows to remove it from our roads. We simply wait for nature to shine down on us and the snow to melt, which usually happens pretty quickly.

This year in many areas of the South has been brutal. Snow, snow, SNOW! Schools have been closed more times than some parents can stand. Students are thrilled until they realize that closed schools mean school make-up days.

After all, little Johnnie isn’t learning to read as it is. Have to ensure he’s at school the required number of seconds and maybe he’ll get lucky and actually learn something.

This year our local school district had to close for two days in January. Now, don’t ask me why but for some reason this year’s school calendar has no extra days built in for inclimate weather. None. Not one day. Did someone blink the day the calendar was created? What were they (not) thinking! So two days missed means two days to make-up.

Shouldn’t be a problem. After all, at the beginning of the year the district put out a list of school holidays that would be used as make-up days, just in case. Easy enough to look at the list, take the next two days that the kids should be off, and send them to school instead.

Well, not quite. Because you see the next official school holiday was Martin Luther King Day.

Oh, the angst! What to do! How can they possibly make the kids go to school on that holy day! After all, one third of the students in the district are black! Think—think—think…what to do.

So an announcement was made that since the King day was so close and people had “probably” already made travel plans, the kids would still get that day off. Instead? They would go to school on

Presidents Day.

That’s right. The PC crowd would rather disenfranchise the two-thirds so that the one-third can go out of town. Which you know the majority didn’t. The PC crowd would rather disenfranchise the two-thirds so that the one-third won’t scream racism. The PC crowd would rather disenfranchise the two-thirds because the PC school officials knew that the two-thirds wouldn’t complain, at least not publically. After all, by now the two-thirds are used to having their Heritage trampled on. Most just take it in stride.

I wonder how many of these PC “educators” know that there is no such thing as a federal holiday named Presidents Day. There never has been. The official federal holiday we “celebrate” as Presidents Day is actually Washington’s Birthday and always has been.

Washington’s Birthday first became a federal holiday in 1880 by an act of congress. It was the first federal holiday to honor an American citizen and was always celebrated on the birthday of George Washington, February 22. In 1971 it was shifted to the third Monday in February by the Uniform Monday Holiday Act. This act not only changed when the country celebrated Washington’s birthday but also Memorial Day, Columbus Day and Veterans Day were changed from fixed dates to designated Mondays so that federal workers could have three-day weekends.

The result for Washington’s birthday means that the holiday now falls between February 15 and 21 therefore making a joke of Washington’s Birthday since it never falls on February 22, the actual birth date of General Washington.

Yet even though the day moves around every year, the name of the day never changed. It has been and continues to be officially named “Washington’s Birthday.” So why does everyone call this day “Presidents Day?” Greed. Advertisers began pushing for a new name in the mid-1980s. They decided to use the lie that American’s were “celebrating” the birth of two presidents, Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Yet Lincoln’s birthday, February 12, was never a federal holiday. Doesn’t matter to the advertisers who saw that by linking his name to the day and calling it “Presidents Day” they could use the “holiday” as a time to sell cars, clothes, jewelry, etc. At about this same time history was being re-written so that Abraham Lincoln was being viewed as this great emancipator. Instead of telling the truth about him, Lincoln was pushed as the “savior” of our great nation.

Also, up until this time, corporations would close in honor of our founding President. But no more. Have to stay open for the great sales they’re going to make! Now usually only state and federal workers generally get the day off. And, of course, our school children.

In spite of Lincoln never having an official holiday, about a dozen states have renamed the day officially as Presidents Day or Washington/Lincoln Day or something similar as their official state holiday. At least in Washington’s home state of Virginia the holiday is still legally known as “George Washington Day.” But the official federal holiday is Washington’s Birthday. Yet if asked, most people could only tell you that the third Monday in February is Presidents Day.

The power of propaganda and advertising has done its job. When was the last time you saw a calendar with anything other than Presidents Day for the third Monday in February?

Ironically, when the NAACP marched on the South Carolina statehouse for MLK day, they covered up the statue of George Washington, finding him too “offensive” for their members. Yet blacks are in the federal and state work force by the millions. So when they take off for “Presidents Day” they’re unwittingly honoring a man they find offensive and, like it or not, they’re not honoring Abraham Lincoln.

Don’t you just love it!