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Residents called "racists" for opposing noise and litter.

From Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

A North Side group wants Pittsburgh officials to stop issuing permits for events in West Park until they resolve complaints about noise and litter.

Another neighborhood group that has hosted an anti-violence gathering in the park for the past four years blasted the motive behind the Allegheny West Civic Council’s request as racist during a hearing Monday in City Council chambers.

“It’s unfortunate that some residents of Central North Side vowed in 2009 to prevent the ‘Unity Gathering’ from occurring,” said William D. Thompkins, one of the founders of the North Side Oldtimers, which hosts the gatherings. “They have raised issues that center on profanity, cleanliness, noise and not being able to use the dog park for one or two days out of the year. Yes, preventing the ‘Unity Gathering’ from occurring is about race.”

How can anyone honestly take the charge of “racism” seriously when it is used so frequently and for such petty things