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Sensitivity Training Company sells anti-white t-shirts.

EdChange charges a hefty fee to come to your school, church, or place of business and teach you how to respect diversity.

The outfit publishes a long list of schools around the country it has “trained.” However its website sells merchandise featuring Fidel Castro’s executioner Che Guevara (who wrote very derogatory things about Negroes by the way), Karl Marx, and others. They also sell “anti-George Bush” posters, but pro-Obama merchandise.

They also sell blatantly offensive t-shirts mocking white people. Including shirts with anti-white racial slurs. They even sell a t-shirt featuring John Brown, a famous mass murderer.

Doesn’t sound like they are “teaching tolerance.” The group’s website shows that the agenda is obvious. They teach hatred and discord. They teach white people to feel guilty for fictional crimes, and they teach non-whites to hate whites.

See for yourself.