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"Tuba Man" killer keeps being released to terrorize again.

What will it take to get a vicious monster off the streets who has been terrorizing Seattle for the past three years? Since the racially motivated beating death of a Seattle icon, he has been arrested three more times.

Seattle’s beloved “Tuba Man” was beaten to death by three black teens. They did it mainly for the fun of it. They simply wanted to kill a white man. After the beating death, they allegedly boasted of it to their friends.  Despite “Tuba Man’s” popularity in the city, the media has aggressively censored details of the killing. Most media outlets censored any mention of the race of the killers. During the trial, several black witnesses refused to testify. was one of the only outlets to discuss the case openly.

The three teens were slapped on the wrist. The ringleader was re-arrested almost immediately after a comically short stint in juvenile detention. This time for a violent mugging, but Judge Mary Yu pontificated that the teen was “redeemable” and deserved a light sentence.

As you can see from this article he is still terrorizing Seattle and the media is still censoring any mention of race.

From Seattle PI…

One of the three teens who killed “Tuba Man” Edward McMichael — the same one who allegedly bragged about the killing when arrested earlier this year — is back in jail for another alleged crime.

Police say the suspect, now 18, was one of two teens arrested after an incident early Tuesday in the Central District. It’s his third arrest since killing McMichael, and he’s scheduled to have a bail hearing Wednesday afternoon. does not typically name suspects until they’re charged as adults.

Police said they were called about 12:45 a.m. Tuesday regarding an armed robbery in the 500 block of 23rd Avenue South. The victim told an officer she was hanging out with the suspect and a 17-year-old, and she couldn’t get her cell phone back when dropped off at her house.

“The victim attempted to take the phone back, but the suspect slashed at her with a knife, cutting the sleeve of her jacket,” according to a police statement. “The other suspect then pointed a handgun at the victim and told her to get out of the car.”

Police spokespeople did not say which suspect was the teen from the McMichael case.

Seattle police broadcast the vehicle description and the suspects were arrested after being found by Renton police. The teen from the Tuba Man case was booked into King County Jail at 5:41 a.m. and was being held without bail Tuesday night.