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Two year campaign against "militia leader" ends in acquittal.

A little known “militia leader” in Pennsylvania is cleared by a jury.

The Federal government spent two years spying on the leader of the Brookville Tigers before raiding his home and charging him with plotting to make explosives out of common Chinese made, over the counter firecrackers.

A jury cleared him of the charges, and a local Pittsburgh news team admits that the case has brought further contempt of the Federal government in rural northwestern Pennsylvania.

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The national media has been focusing most of their attention on an armed apocalyptic religious group in Michigan called the Hutaree. They have been branded a “right wing militia” by the media. However, actual “right-wing” militia groups had blacklisted the Hutaree, and did not view them as part of the same movement. In fact, one such “right-wing militia” had alerted police to dangers they thought the Hutaree might pose. Nine members have been arrested for conspiracy. One of the leaders was an undercover FBI agent.

A judge freed all nine Hutaree defendants on bond saying the FBI failed to demonstrate that they posed any threat to the public.