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UK Telegraph smears Britons with "cannibalism" claim.

UK Daily Telegraph runs fake article to “prove” that “white European” could be as nasty as the Aztec.

The UK Daily Telegraph, known for making up stories, ran an article saying ancient Britons practiced grotesque ritualized cannibalism. The author of the article even admits to having a left-wing political motive. He says he wants to show that ancient Britons were just as nasty as more recent non-white cannibals. He said that showing that “white Europeans” practiced cannibalism it will make people less judgmental of non-white cultures that practiced it in recent times.

However the scientific discovery the UK Telegraph author is referring to does not prove any of this. He is referring to a cache of Cro-Magnon bones found at Cheddar Gorge, England in 1987. The bones include three skull caps, that may have been used as drinking cups. However there is no way to prove this.

We do know, however, that Cro-Magnons and “Britons” are not the same people at all!

The ancient “Britons” were a Celtic people who entered modern day England from continental Europe around 300 B.C. The Cheddar Gorge Cro-Magnon remains are from an extinct people who lived in the area about 13,000 years before that. This is 10,000 years before the estimated date of the building of Stonehenge.

Cro-Magnons are widely considered to be ancestors of both Caucasian and Mongoloid people. To call Cro-Magnon people “white European” is false and absurd. Cro-Magnon man predates modern Caucasians.