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White theater owner persecuted by Delaware Human Relations Commission

A movie theater manager was fined $80,000 after telling a mostly black audience to turn off their cell phones in a movie theater. The Delaware Human Relations Commission says the manager was “racist” and “humiliated” the black patrons.

The Delaware Human Relations Commission is one of dozens of Soviet-style unelected bureaucracies across the nation. These commissions are often staffed almost entirely by non-whites because they are given preferential treatment in hiring.

The phenomenon of black patrons being disruptive in movie theaters is a regular topic for comedians both black and white.

In 2007 a movie theater manager asked a sold out 90% black crowd to please turn their cell phones off during the movie. A director of the commission was in the audience and jumped up and screamed that she was offended and asked members of the crowd to file complaints with her commission.

The Orwellian commission then fined the manager $80k for being a “racist” and “humiliating” black patrons. The manager spent three years fighting a $80,000 fine all the way to the Delaware Supreme Court. The court finally threw it out.

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