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Wisconsin Teachers Union owns insurance company they "bargained" for.

Bombshell, not reported by the “mainstream” media.

The Wisconsin Teacher Union owns it’s own Health Insurance Company. 64% of all Wisconsin school district carry the WEA owned health insurance. WEA Health insurance is much more expensive than the major health insurance companies. For a full detailed report click here.

Dozens of Wisconsin School Districts have escaped from the WEA insurance and are now saving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

While the WEA is a registered non-profit with the government, it is raking in huge amounts of money.


At the end of 2008, WEA Trust reported total assets of $674,131,940. It’s reported net assets
(total assets minus liabilities) were $316,837,155, a 15.1 percent increase from 2007. (11)

WEA Trust’s top employees certainly make out well, by anyone’s measure. The company’s CEO, Fred Evart, made $333,375 in salary in 2007, with a total compensation package of $469,522, according to tax records filed by the company. Eleven employees under Evart received total compensation packages worth at least $181,792.