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American media is censoring news about Jeffrey Epstein.

Photo Right: Jeffrey Epstein with “date.”

Jeffrey Epstein was a major financier of the Democratic party and a close personal friend of Bill Clinton.

Imagine for a second that Epstein had given huge amounts of money to the Republican party and flown George Bush all over the world in his private jet. This would be the largest news story in the world.

Epstein served a whooping 13 month jail sentence, and is required to register as a “sex offender.” Epstein has publicly joked about his status as a sex offender, and a columnist for the Huffington Post says that New York City is not even enforcing the terms. Click Here.

From UK Telegraph…

Jeffrey Epstein used the “black book” to log contact details of the girls that gave massages to him and his friends and those of his powerful and famous associates, such as Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

A servant at the £4 million manor in Palm Beach, where Prince Andrew enjoyed daily massages during several stays, stole the journal and initially kept it secret from investigators. He is now in prison after attempting to sell it for $50,000 (£31,000).

Epstein, 58, was accused of sex offences by more than 20 under-aged girls. They alleged that after being recruited as masseuses by aides including Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of the late tycoon Robert, they were seriously assaulted and then paid hundreds of dollars.

The billionaire financier, who attended The Queen’s birthday party in 2000, was sentenced to 18 months in prison in 2008, having secured a plea bargain that prevented full criminal trials. He later settled more than a dozen multi-million dollar civil lawsuits from his alleged victims out of court.

The previously undisclosed journal, however, “detailed the full scope and the extent of Epstein’s involvement with underage girls”, according to lawyers for several alleged victims.

According to police reports, Nadia Marcinkova, was Epstein’s “live in sex slave.” Nadia was from Yugoslavia, and brought to the US by Epstein when she was 14. Epstein allegedly befriended her family and said he could help her launch a modeling career in the United States. The Palm Beach Police say she was used for sex and for underage “lesbian shows.”