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ANC Youth President: Whites must leave or die!

The radical white hating youth corps president of South Africa called on white farmers and business owners to vacate their property and leave South Africa. ANC followers have been conducting a campaign of mass murder against white farmers since the ANC took power.

From Zimbabwe Mail…

Controversial South African youth leader for the African National Congress has said ANC will follow the example of Zimbabwe’s Zanu PF and start to take over white-owned farms by the end of the year.

The comments were made by Julius Malema at a mine 160 kilometers outside Harare in Zimbabwe.

The ANC Youth Wing leader, enthused by rented Zanu PF crowd, said Zimbabwe had led the way in fighting over land and promised to unleash Zimbabwean tactics on South African white farmers.

He encouraged Zimbabweans to also take over white and foreign-owned companies. Malema said the people must embrace liberation and continue to fight against what he called Western imperialism.

He said: “You are not alone. Your struggle is our struggle.”

Malema also said he would continue to sing the song: “Kill the Boer,” a former ANC chant against the apartheid regime. The song was last week banned in a South African court.