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Another "hate crime" hoax.

Police arrest black suspect in vandalism “hate crimes” against two black churches in Louisiana.

Another hate crime hoax. (do any of these ever turn out to be non-hoaxes?)

Anti-black “hate crimes” actually committed by a black thug with a long list of prior arrests. Police say they will go ahead and charge the suspect with hate crimes.

Notice the distinct lack of any ethics by the Lafayette Advertiser. They don’t mention that the suspect turned out to be black, so anyone who does not see a mug shot placed beside the article will assume the perpetrator was indeed white.

This is extremely common. Often a so-called “hate crime” will receive major front page attention. Then when it turns out to be a hoax, a tiny article will appear in the back of the paper that no one will see.

Inventing the news.

Some of you may remember the “Neo-Nazi hate crime” face carving attack in Germany back in the 90’s. It was a major national news story all over the world for days. It was plastered on the front pages of major American newspapers, despite having happened in Germany. Yet police almost immediately ruled it a hoax. The fact that it was a hoax received 1% of the coverage of the original story claiming it was a real attack.

The media did such a good job hiding the news that it was a hoax, that a second woman in Germany perpetrated the exact same identical hoax one year later. The media did the same thing. They printed mass coverage of the story as if it was real, then tiny rebuttals that most would never see. Do you think the media was really tricked? They knew exactly what they were doing. So did the woman. Even though she knew she would be charged with a crime for the hoax, she figured the media would be on her side and she’d be advancing her political cause.

Then, during the last presidential election a white woman perpetrated the exact same hoax. Only she claimed a black Obama supporter carved an O, for Obama, into her face. Once again police ruled it a hoax almost immediately. The difference in the media response was as big as night and day. The follow up story that the attack was a hoax received several times as much publicity as the original story claiming the attack was real.

The “mainstream” media doesn’t report news. They invent news, to advance the producer’s political agenda.

Lafayette Advertiser.