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BBC: Only 13% of Mexicans like the United States.

The BBC polled 30,000 people in 28 different countries to see who has the most favorable or unfavorable views on other nations.

The BBC found that Germany was by far the most well liked country in the world. (59% of world holds favorable views)

The popularity of Russia and China have fallen. The popularity of America has skyrocketed in Africa and the Philippines.  The left-wing BBC trumpeted America’s rise among Africans as the “Obama effect.”

The least popular nations were Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, and Israel in that order.

One major bombshell exists in the BBC data. According to the BBC a fewer percentage of Mexicans view the United States favorably than the world views any of the above four nations.

The data shows three nations that hate our guts: Mexico, Turkey, and Pakistan. The media tells us constantly that Mexicans want to come to the US to embrace our culture and be like us. Nothing could be further from the truth. Further, Obama has given billions of dollars a year to Pakistan to fund their military and they hate us even worse than the Mexicans.

See pdf file of BBC Poll Data.

Machete, an anti-white race war fantasy movie. This film is probably a much more realistic portrayal of Mexican attitudes towards whites and the US than the “mainstream” US media projects