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Child sacrifice makes huge comeback in Uganda.

Since the end of white rule in Uganda, the nation has been on a steady decline despite massive amounts of aid from the west. Now the BBC looks into the widespread practice of the ritualistic murder of children to gain favors from the spirit world. The Ugandan government states that a minimum of two dozen ritualistic child killings occurred last year. They also report zero convictions. One former witchdoctor admits to performing about seventy child killings during his career.

Ugandan parents have started circumcising their sons, because witchdoctors say the spirits don’t want the blood of circumcised children.

From BBC…

A BBC investigation into human sacrifice in Uganda has heard first-hand accounts which suggest ritual killings of children may be more common than authorities have acknowledged.

One witch-doctor led us to his secret shrine and said he had clients who regularly captured children and brought their blood and body parts to be consumed by spirits.

Meanwhile, a former witch-doctor who now campaigns to end child sacrifice confessed for the first time to having murdered about 70 people, including his own son.

The Ugandan government told us that human sacrifice is on the increase, and according to the head of the country’s Anti-Human Sacrifice Taskforce the crime is directly linked to rising levels of development and prosperity, and an increasing belief that witchcraft can help people get rich quickly.

In the course of our investigation we witnessed the ritual torching of the shrine of a particularly active witch-doctor in northern Uganda by anti-sacrifice campaigners.

The witch-doctor allowed ceremonial items including conch shells and animal skins to be burned in his sacred grove after agreeing to give up sacrifice.

He told us that clients had come to him in search of wealth.

“They capture other people’s children. They bring the heart and the blood directly here to take to the spirits… They bring them in small tins and they place these objects under the tree from which the voices of the spirits are coming,” he said.