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Danes, Finns fight back against EU demands to accept 3rd worlders.

From Hurriyet Daily News…

Efforts to bring Denmark’s legal treatment of immigrant families in line with European Union policy directives and European Court of Justice, or ECJ, court rulings are drawing ire from Danish nationalists.

Current EU policy, which stipulates that migrant workers be allowed to bring family members into their country of residence, has come under attack in recent weeks from far-right politicians calling for Denmark to take hold of its own sovereign foreign policy.

“We’re seriously hoping that this EU rule will be changed to allow for Denmark’s sovereign foreign and migration policy to continue with tighter migration laws,” said Martin Henriksen, Parliamentarian for the right-wing Danish People’s Party.

A European Council Directive from 2003 on the right to family reunification established the “right to family reunification by third country nationals residing lawfully in the territory of the member states” in a move that was aimed primarily at immigrants working in the EU who were separated from their spouses and family. A subsequent directive in 2004 further developed EU policy on the issue. These directives, along with a separate deal agreed upon in the 1980s between Turkey and the EU which specifically addresses the rights of Turkish migrant workers, which Danish judicial experts refer to as the “Ankara-deal,” outline a general EU policy on the issue.

Some have called for the “Ankara-deal” to be scrapped.

“Denmark must leave the Ankara deal,” Karen Jespersen, a former minister for the governing party and a current parliamentarian in the integration committee, told the press. “I would like to see if this deal will really have such impacts and understand whether there is a way out. As the situation is right now, we should take such evaluations very seriously.”


A few days ago we wrote about the huge rise in support for the True Finns party.

The elections in Finland will take place next month (they will be held on 17th of April) the EU ruling elite are now worried that True Finns will get enough votes to form part of a government coalition, and so push for tougher anti-immigration laws and oppose any plan to bail-out the Euro.

The article below shows what they fear most is that Timo Soini cannot be smeared in the same way other nationalist leaders are, because he has a different background and so, to them he is a lot more dangerous.

This is good news for nationalists as clearly True Finns, for all their faults, will help to destroy the European superstate and indirectly, will help us to save Britain.

Interestingly no newspaper in Britain ever bothered to write an article about them.