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Dept. of Education: Public schools a massive failure.

Only 18% of public schools will be considered a success this year under No Child Left Behind. White liberals promised that blacks and other minorities would perform better in school once Obama took office. These whites claimed that Obama was the role model they needed. The exact opposite has happened. Black dropout rates have skyrocketed and test scores have plummeted since Obama was sworn in.

Before Obama took office, 63% of public schools were considered a success under the No Child Left Behind guidelines. Obama’s Secretary of Education says that number will plummet to 18% in 2011!

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When looking at the website, it is easy to see what makes a “bad school.” Schools that have very low ratings are almost always either majority black or majority “Hispanic.”

In Texas, only 34% of public school children are white. Nearly 25% of public school children in Texas speak English as a second language. In California only 28% of public school children are white.

Obama did not inspire blacks and others to do better in school, as white liberals said he would. Instead the situation has gone from bad to really, really bad.