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Elderly Walmart greeter choked in brutal mother/daughter racially motived attack.

Walmart shoppers in Elyria, Ohio witnessed a shocking spectacle when a mother/daughter duo attacked an elderly white greeter while screaming racial slurs. When another employee came to the rescue, they said they would be back to kill the greeter and “blow up the store.”

The pair had two small children with them and one of them is pregnant.

When police arrived, they defiantly blamed the elderly greeter.

So far police have refused to charge the pair with hate crimes, despite the explicit racial motivation. Nor were they charged with child endangerment. In fact, they were given special treatment because they had young children with them.

This is the type of crime that would be national news if the races were reversed. Remember the 16 year old kid who “said “all black people please leave the store?” That was a national news story and no one was even injured. However, the CofCC webmaster knows a young white female who was the victim of a nearly identical crime in his own hometown. She was working as a clerk. An obese black woman felt slighted and attacked her while aided by a teenage daughter, and in the presence of another five year old son. The victim was badly injured and could not return to work for months. The woman had a long criminal record, but was slapped on the wrist and the incident was hidden from the public.

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