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France denied US overflights for 1986 bombing of Libya.

by Kyle Rogers

In the 1980’s Libya was supporting armed Communist terror groups in Germany, Italy, and the British Isles. Gaddafi had vowed to support the groups as long as European sanctions against Libya remained.

Libya was believed to have sponsored Palestinian attacks on Israeli tourists in Italy and Austria. Gaddafi denied it. However Libyan agents operating out of Libya’s embassy in Germany targeted American soldiers in a nightclub bombing. Two US soldiers and a Turkish woman were killed.

Reagan ordered the bombing of suspected foreign training camps in retaliation.

France denied US requests to fly planes over their airspace for the bombing.

A few days ago Obama began bombing Libya on behalf of France. The French were the first (and only) country to recognize the rebels as the official government of Libya. They want French companies to negotiate oil rights from the rebels out from underneath the Italians. The French are the main country that pushed through a UN declaration against Libya. France is the only country that stands to gain much from putting the rebels in power.

When Reagan ordered the 1986 bombing he stated very clear objectives. Five sites were hit. Reagan then said, if we find out you’re helping any more terrorists we will bomb you much worse. That was that.

On the other hand Obama has agreed to a potentially endless and costly commitment, for which no one on his staff can state what the objective or endgame is. In fact, Obama fled to Brazil immediately after ordering the attack. He is now hiding from the media. Anyone who has watched the national news has seen Obama’s officials looking like total boobs before the media. They can’t even explain what is going on or why it is going on. Meanwhile France is issuing statements which completely contradict the statements from the Obama administration.

The United States does not buy a single drop of oil from Libya.