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Gaddafi family: We secretly financed Sarkozy.

The Gaddafi family, which may have billions in assets, says they helped finance the election campaign of French president Sarkozy. The French president has been a leading supporter of the Libyan rebels. He is the only head of state to proclaim the Libyan rebels as the official government of Libya. However, the rebels may be on the verge of defeat by the Libyan army. Gaddafi proclaimed today that everything would be back to normal in 48 hours.

From Times Live South Africa…

Seif al-Islam told Euronews that “we have all the details and are ready to reveal everything” as Gaddafi’s forces closed in on rebels in the eastern city of Benghazi who France recognised as Libya’s legitimate representatives.

“Sarkozy must first give back the money he took from Libya to finance his electoral campaign,” Gaddafi’s son said when asked about France, which has along with Britain been leading calls for military intervention in Libya.

“We funded it and we have all the details and are ready to reveal everything. The first thing we want this clown to do is to give the money back to the Libyan people.

“He was given assistance so that he could help them. But he’s disappointed us: give us back our money. We have all the bank details and documents for the transfer operations and we will make everything public soon.”

The French presidency denied the allegation.

Libya’s state-run news agency Jana reported recently that it would soon publish a “grave secret” that would lead to Sarkozy’s downfall.

Kadhafi himself said on Tuesday that his “good friend” Sarkozy had “gone mad.”

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