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Goliath Davis fired for skipping police memorial to attend black cop killer's funeral.

Goliath Davis was the  police chief of St. Petersburg, Florida. He was supposed to be a VIP at a huge memorial service for two white police officers. However, his chair went empty. Instead he attended the funeral for the black thug, Hydra Lacy, who murdered the two cops. Davis alleged that he attended the funeral out of respect for the thug’s family. However, the media has reported that Lacy’s own mother and brother did not attend the funeral.

Davis also skipped services for another white police officer slain in the course of duty. Davis has now been fired from his lucrative $150k a year city job.

From Tamp Bay Online…

Goliath Davis III said he was told he was fired for skipping the funerals of three police officers who were shot to death in the past six weeks.

But Davis, a city administrator and former St. Petersburg police chief, said he’s convinced it’s the service that he did attend — for police killer Hydra Lacy — that ultimately cost him his job.

“The real issue here is that I was at Lacy’s funeral,” Davis said at a news conference Friday, a few hours after Mayor Bill Foster announced in a news release he had fired Davis from his $152,736-a-year job.

Foster said he had lost confidence in Davis, but emphasized budget shortfalls and organizational streamlining in announcing the dismissal. The division Davis heads will be eliminated and its duties spread to three others, Foster said, with more changes planned.

The mayor made no reference to the funerals.

But Davis said at his news conference that Foster did mention the funerals when he delivered the news in person.

Why did Davis attend the funeral of the fugitive who fatally shot Sgt. Thomas Baitinger and Officer Jeffrey Yaslowitz?