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Hillary admits not even knowing who the rebels are that we are fighting for. has been reporting breaking news on the new US war in Libya days before the “mainstream media.” We were the first to tell you about links between the rebels and radical anti-American groups like Al-Qaeda. We also told you that the French were the leading force behind the war, even though the French denied the US access to it’s airspace for the brief bombing of Libya in 1986. We also were the first the first to tell you that the war in Libya has re-opened the illegal alien floodgates into Europe. African boat people are now washing up on the shore of southern Europe in mass, now that the Libyan coast guard has stopped patrolling for them.

Obama goes back on everything he has said about Libya so far. Now admitting the agenda is to aid the rebels and depose Gaddafi. Read Article.

Hillary Clinton was one of the biggest cheerleaders for US involvement in the war. Now she publicly admits to not even knowing who the rebels, which the United States is now fighting for, even are.

From Wall Street Journal…

In a Senate hearing Tuesday, U.S. Adm. James Stavridis, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s supreme allied commander in Europe, said intelligence agencies had picked up “flickers” of an al Qaeda presence among Libyan opposition fighters. He also mentioned links to Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed, Lebanon-based militant group.

The questions about the opposition come as the Obama administration struggles to keep pace with upheavals across the Mideast that have brought down or threaten to bring down authoritarian allies, but could usher in governments that may be less aligned with U.S. interests.

Adm. Stavridis’s comments came a day after Mr. Obama addressed the nation to argue his case for a U.S. role in the conflict in Libya.

As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Tuesday, the U.S. is still “getting to know” the rebels.

“So far, they’re saying the right things,” President Barack Obama said Tuesday on “CBS Evening News” when asked about Libyan opposition leaders. “Most of them are professionals, lawyers, doctors—people who appear to be credible. That doesn’t mean that…among all the people who opposed Gadhafi, there might not be elements that are unfriendly to the United States and our interests.”