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Idris Elba cites flimsy "black power" myth.


Idris Elba, the actor playing Heimdall has spoken out again about his role. He said that it is justified for the studio to cast a black man as a Norse God because “Elizabeth Taylor played Cleopatra.”

The “Cleopatra was a black woman” is a flimsy myth put forth by the Nation of Islam and other radical “black power” outfits. Cleopatra was a Macedonian Greek. In fact, very few sub-Saharan Africans [Negroes] lived in North Africa prior to the start of the Arab slave trade.

The fact is, we know exactly what Cleopatra looks like. Numerous depictions of her were made while she was alive. These depictions span three cultures, Roman, Egyptian, and Syrian. All depict her as very Caucasian looking.

If Elba wants to defend Marvel’s decision to cast him, that is fine. However, his argument should not be based around an easily disprovable myth.