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Interracial love stories keep ending in murder for white women.

Black men are at least nine times more likely to commit femicide than white men. In fact, the figure seems to go up when black men are involved in interracial relationships. A huge study on femicide in the United States found that white women married to black men were 12.4 times more likely to be murdered by their spouse than white women married to white men.

Black men are the leading cause of death for all young blacks, both male and female.

Australian model murdered by Sudanese Boyfriend.

From Australian News…

A PROMISING Tasmanian model and university student fought to fend off her ex-boyfriend before he fatally stabbed her and took his own life.

Police believe Sammi Hewitt, 24, and Kuol Piom, 29, had been arguing over the weekend about the status of their long-term relationship.

The disagreement turned violent when Ms Hewitt, who was a student at the University of Tasmania, Australia, visited Mr Piom at his rented home in Hobart on Monday.