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Is Cleveland, Texas gang rape a "Teachable Moment?"

Watching black crime with a blindfold on.
by Kyle Rogers

Liberal “expert” from New Jersey says the brutal gang rape of an eleven year old in Cleveland, Texas is a “teachable moment.” But what is she teaching? The entire column censors all mention of race and ignores the obvious.

In Cleveland, Texas as many as 28 black males gang raped an eleven year old Hispanic child. They gleefully videotaped the assault. Video of the assault was found circulating among students at several nearly all black High Schools and Middle Schools. Now there is widespread support for the perpetrators among the black community. They are blaming the eleven year old child and calling the arrests of the accused perps “racist.”

Susie Wilson says the answer is “sex education.”

Males need to know that if they rape and are found guilty of the crime that they forever will be listed as “sexual predators” and be required to check in with authorities in any town in which they live. This seems to me a punishment that fits the crime, along with jail time. I wonder if the teen and adult men who raped the little girl in Cleveland knew about or understood the lifelong consequences of their actions for themselves and the victim.

Schools need to discuss consequences of sexual actions much more comprehensively than many presently do. We need to ensure that discussions of real subjects like rape are included in sex education/health courses, starting in grade school.

As for the parents in Cleveland, Texas, and elsewhere for that matter, they too need a course on rape and sexual assault prevention. They need to know how to better protect their own kids and how to counsel them about how to avoid dangerous situations.

Mothers and fathers – and if there are no males in the home, then male relatives and friends – must talk to teens and young men about the horrors and illegalities of rape.

According to Susie Wilson, who is touted as an expert on the subject, women are raped simply because men don’t know it’s wrong. She must be looking at the case with a blindfold on. Black men already know they are not supposed to break the law. They break it anyway. In fact, going to prison is a badge of honor in parts of the black community. Blacks in general excuse criminal behavior. Blacks also know they can get away with a lot before they are prosecuted. Then, even when prosecuted, they routinely are given plea bargain deals for fear of “OJ style” juries.

Susie Wilson is doing black people a huge disservice with her left-wing dribble. Only by confronting the problem openly and honestly will any positive change be conceivable. Until then, black behavior will continue to get even worse.