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Kid, you can't please them all.

Whatever the white singer popularly known as Kid Rock did to win the admiration of some of Detroit’s NAACP, it was not enough for the rest of them.

He was chosen to receive the Detroit NAACP’s Great Expectations Award at their annual fundraiser dinner but part of the NAACP group say they will boycott the dinner because Kid Rock dares to display the infamous Confederate flag during performances. Kid has said in a 2008 interview that to him the flag represents southern rock ‘n’ roll.

Whether or not Kid Rock intentionally pandered to the NAACP for the award, he should learn that whenever any white person begins pandering at all to any group such as theirs, he or she will never be able to pander enough to completely satisfy them without losing all personal dignity. Perhaps Kid Rock should consider who his real fan base is before making any changes to his performances.

Photo Right: Guitar World Magazine model poses with Dean Razorback Guitar. Dean guitars sells Confederate Flag adorned guitars as a stock item in honor of the late “Dimebag” Darrell, guitarist for Pantera, whom the company sponsored.

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