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LA Jewish Journal trumpets Illegal Alien/Jewish political alliance.

The nation of Israel has halted immigration and is building a state of the art wall to stop illegal aliens from Africa. However the Los Angeles Jewish Journal boasts of aiding illegal immigration into the United States to supposedly help Israel.

The cover story in the latest issue of the Los Angeles Jewish Journal is a bizarre claim that Illegal Aliens are being recruited to be the future vanguard of AIPAC, the pro-Israel foreign lobby in the United States. In exchange Jewish politicians will aid them in getting amnesty.

Among the organizations listed as working to bring about this alliance is the extreme left-wing Anti-Defamation League, the Greater LA Jewish Federation, The American Jewish Congress, and the Israeli Consulate of Los Angeles.

Among other things, the article seems to celebrate the fact that Jewish neighborhoods in the LA area are going majority Latino. Rather than fighting their own dispossession, the writers of the LA Jewish Journal call for managing it. They advocate aiding their conquerors, so the conquerors will treat them favorably in the future.

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