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Left-wing AA CEO accused of forcing teen employee into sex acts.

The president of American Apparel, a company which prides itself on supporting amnesty and the radical left, is accused of forcing a teen employee to perform sex acts.

Dov Charney is known for his sexually provocative ads featuring teen girls and his promotion of left-wing causes. Charney often hand picks amateur teen models for the company’s ads and shoots the pictures himself. Critics have called his ads borderline underage pornography.

He is also famous for advocating open borders and mass amnesty for illegal immigrants. His company website has boasted of busing employees to pro-Amnesty rallies in Los Angeles.

Now he may become famous for something else. Irene Morales, an AA employee, says Charney forced her to perform sex acts for eight months. She says the Board of Directors knew about Charney’s behavior but didn’t try to stop it.

A previous employee was paid $1.3 million to withdraw a criminal complaint. In 2004 another employee wrote an expose about Charney’s abusive behavior towards women for Jane magazine. After tabloids reported on sexual harassment claims in 2007, Charney insinuated that he is mistreated by the media because he is Jewish. He put billboards in Los Angeles and New York City comparing himself to Woody Allen, and was immediately sued by Woody Allen.

Dov Charney has received numerous awards from other leftists.

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