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Media censors massive Black Muslim rally in Chicago.

You wouldn’t know it from the “mainstream” media but the Nation of Islam just held a massive rally in Chicago. The Nation of Islam preaches racial holy war against the white man. They say that white people are literally without a soul, and therefore “devils.” The group claims that the white race will be wiped out in the near future.

The rally took place at the AllState Arena in Chicago, IL. Over ten thousand people attended. Smaller rallies took place at mosques around the nation to watch a live feed.

The only mention of the massive rally in the “mainstream” media is a hypocritical statement by the ADL. They denounced NOI leader Louis Farrakhan for attacking the Israeli foreign lobby, but ignored everything else about Farrakhan and the NOI.

The ADL, a militant left-wing group, only attacks black radicals when they say something very specific about Jewish people. Otherwise they could care less about the venom black radicals spew against the white race. The ADL has shown this hypocrisy time and time again.

Farrakhan praised Obama and Libyan dictator Qaddafi. Obama’s pastor of 23 years, whom Obama calls his “mentor,” is a friend of both Obama and Qaddafi.

Several speakers at the rally stated that they would not back down in their support of Qaddafi. The Libyan dictator has made recorded speeches for Nation of Islam rallies in the past. He has also given the NOI at least $5 million dollars and once wrote Farrakhan a personal check for $250,000.

Obama and Qaddafi Best Friends Forever.

Obama instantly praised rioters in Tunisia and Egypt as freedom fighters (even though the US kept the Egyptian military dictatorship in power at a cost of $1.7 Billion to US taxpayers a year). However he is silent on Libya.

Why? Because Qaddafi is one of the most important figures in the American black power movement. While Qaddafi’s own statements suggest he views sub-Saharan Negroes as inferior to North Africans, his hatred of the US led him to become the leading financier of the American black power movement.

Qaddafi has urged American blacks to start a revolution and has even repeatedly offered to send them weapons. Qaddafi wanted black Muslims to destroy the US. With the election of Obama, he may get his wish.