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Middle Eastern immigrant, not "Dutchman," at center of massive pedophilia ring.

So much of the immigrant crime in Europe is concealed from the public, because left-wing media outlets censor their identity.

As we have shown you on in the past, non-white immigrants will be described using a locality with no picture, description, or name. For example the infamous “Four Finns rape and beat Swedish girl.” Then no name, description, or any other information about the perps is given. In reality the “four Finns” were illegal aliens from Somalia.

Once again the media is deliberately misrepresenting the perpetrator in a high profile crime story. It is being widely reported that a “Dutchman” is at the center of the massive worldwide pedophilia ring. In reality he is Amir I, an immigrant born in Israel.

His name and background is being censored in the vast majority of news reports.

Investigators have identified suspects in 30 countries.