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New York Times demonizes all white town in Brazil.

The media war against white people.
by Kyle Rogers

Cândido Godói, Brazil has fewer than 7,000 residents, yet it is a paradise on earth. The sprawling rural population is 100% of German and Polish decent. The village is known for having a high level of a gene that increases a woman’s chance of having twins.

It stands in extreme contrast to the rest of Brazil.

If diversity was a “strength,” Cândido Godóis should be far worse off than the rest of Brazil. Brazil is possibly the most racially diverse nation in the world. Yet, much of it is covered in hellish 3rd world slums populated by drug addicts and underage prostitutes.

The media has such hatred and contempt for white communities that last Friday, the New York Times ran an article vilifying this tiny community as having a “high level of inbreeding.” No actual evidence of inbreeding is cited.

The residents of Cândido Godói are not wealthy. They live in small simple houses and and lead a simple, agrarian lifestyle. By American standards they certainly would not be considered wealthy. Many would even be considered poor. Wealth can not account for the differences between the town and the rest of Brazil.

Look at the picture to the right. This is how a large percentage of the population of Brazil lives. Brazil classifies almost half of its population as a tri-racial hodgepodge, and this is how they live. Despite boundless racial diversity, they live in squalid slums. The New York Times would never accuse these Brazilians of being highly inbred. However, many multiracial Brazilians don’t even know who their father is. This, combined with the alpha male breeding culture of Negro communities, means that the chance for accidental inbreeding alone is very high. In other words, you have individual males fathering large numbers of children in a small area. Those children grow up and select breeding partners without any way of knowing if they are actually half-siblings. The same phenomenon is undoubtedly occurring in America’s public housing projects as well.

Instead the New York Times accuses white people, who have close-knit two parent homes and detailed family records, of being highly inbred. The New York Times lists two women with Latino sounding names as the article’s authors.