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New York Times editor confesses to censoring information about black crime.

From the Staff.

Photo Right: Philip Corbett, associate managing editor of the New York Times.

A while back the Los Angeles Times publicly admitted to censoring the race of crime perpetrators when they are black or Latino “so as not to stigmatize any one group.”

Now Philip Corbett, associate managing editor of the New York Times, has publicly admitted to doing the same thing.

The New York Times ran a second article on the gang rape of a Mexican girl by 20+ black males in Cleveland, Texas. The first article clearly blamed the victim and caused such outrage that nearly 50,000 people signed an online petition denouncing the coverage. The Times issued a weak apology.

Now the Times has a second article. Once again focusing solely on portraying the victim and her family in a negative light, while censoring information about the perpetrators. The New York Times has yet to even mention that the perps were all black, and censored all the pictures of the suspect that other news outlets have shown.

When asked why there is no information about the perpetrators race in either article, Corbett answered with combination of truth and lies.

“We would mention race in a physical description only if it really is a detailed physical description that readers would learn something from … But if the description is a ‘white man in his 40s’ or ‘a black man in a hoodie,’ then you’re not really providing any useful information and it could be sort of boiler plate.”

What Corbett means by “boiler plate,” is that it would be “politically incorrect.” He would rather censor information about crime, putting the public at risk, than bring attention to the astronomical rates and horrific nature of black crime.

By the way. If a large group of white men did something this horrible to an eleven year old Mexican girl, it would have been the biggest story in the English speaking world. The New York Times would have been screaming “WHITE MEN do such and such…” and the top of the front page.

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