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NFL IQ scores. Some players may be mentally retarded.

Greg McElroy (photo right) has one of the highest IQs in the NFL. His NFL Wonderlic score is 43, which equates to a genius level IQ, based on the formula given by Wonderlic.

Meanwhile, sports sites are talking about the exceptionally low scores of some of this year’s prospects.

From Yahoo Sports (photo below)…

Two of the NFL’s brightest future stars, LSU CB Patrick Peterson and Georgia WR A.J. Green, registered among the five lowest Wonderlic scores of the 330 participants at this year’s NFL scouting combine.

Peterson was one of four prospects who recorded a dreaded single-digit score, which NFL teams often equate with getting their name right, tying with South Carolina’s Chris Culliver for the lowest mark among all defensive backs as both correctly answered only nine questions on the 12-minute, 50-question test.

Green registered the lowest score of all receivers, answering 10 questions correctly.

Mentally Retarded?

The Wonderlic test results of Patrick Peterson and A.J. Green translate to IQs in the 70’s. Near the mental retardation level. This is based on Wonderlic formula of 2 * Wonderlic Score + 60 = IQ.

However, many would argue that the formula for estimating IQ based on Wonderlic scores is too generous.The questions are far easier than a real IQ test. Other estimates of IQ based on Wonderlic Scores would put Patrick Peterson, A.J. Green, and Chris Culliver in the mentally retarded range of 60-70.

Here are some sample Wonderlic questions published by ESPN.