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No one will speak openly for fear of…

A couple of weeks ago I was on a forum where like-minded people announced the activities they had participated in together.  Some members had recently been in a rally to support a particularly controversial White cause and other members were congratulating them on their accomplishment.

One comment stood out from the others though.  It really struck me as equally sad and relevant for all of us who believe in our rights as White people.  The writer was proud of those who had the courage to participate in the rally.  But the writer also wished they had equal courage.  The writer stated that they did not have such courage and instead chose to lurk on the forums, wishing for courage, dreaming of the day when they too could participate in the activities openly and proudly.

We know why the writer on the forum is afraid.  All of us who have the courage to stand up for our rights as White people have experienced what this writer is attempting to avoid.

Scorn from the ignorant.

Ridicule from the “educated.”

Shunning by church members.

Disbelief of friends.

Misunderstanding from family.

Fear from neighbors.

Loss of jobs and standing in the community.

Loss of friends, family, and others who won’t associate with a “racist.”

Constantly being called names and told we’re “racist,” “bigoted,” and “hateful” just because we’re doing something that comes as natural as kissing our babies and protecting them from harm.

Peer pressure to conform in today’s politically correct world that proclaims our White Heritage as one to ridicule and hate, laugh at and deride, mock and disparage.

For some, imprisonment.

We boldly proclaim our love for our Heritage.  We love our White Heritage first and best.  We love our Heritage, our history and our ancestry.  We love that our ancestors gave us a genetic make-up that is special and unique to us.  We love that we have the right, the privilege and the honor to pass that Heritage to our children, the next generation.  We are not arrogant or boastful but we’re honored and humbled to have this sacred duty.

For this, we’re ridiculed, scorned, hated, feared and shunned.  For promoting our People we are misunderstood by the very people we cherish, our own People, and treated as traitors.

No wonder the person on the forum simply lurks and doesn’t participate.  It takes great courage to stand up today as a White person and say “I’m proud of who I am!”

Have courage.  Stand up and be humbly proud of your Heritage.  Stop letting fear keep you from protecting what is rightfully yours.

Hold your head high.  We are White and we are not ashamed.

You are not today, and you are not tomorrow.
You are a thousand years before you and a thousand years after you.
A thousand years before you have watched over your blood, your Heritage,
To make you the way you are.
Watch over your blood, that your Heritage coming generations
a thousand years after you will bless you.
This is the meaning of life that God awakens in our blood.
But only in the purity of your blood, your Heritage, can God be found.
by Anonymous

L.R. Olsen (website)