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Obama lies, people die. Where are the left-wing marches?

Surprise! Obama is now a pro-war, neo-colonist. Where are the unwashed hordes of leftists marching in the street denouncing Obama? Obama has launched a war against Libya, without any declaration of war from Congress. No clear objectives, goals, or end game.

The first wave of US air strikes and cruise missiles targeted Libya’s tiny, outdated air force and air defense systems. The Libyan government alleges that 150 civilians were killed in the attack.

The Arab League released a statement condemning the attack and asking Obama to cease fire. They say hundreds of civilians were injured and at least 62 people were killed. Several NATO countries, led by Germany, opposed the US, UK, and French attack on Libya saying it would turn into another endless commitment with no real benefits. The African Union also asked Obama to halt the attack.

Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff, says no civilians were killed. However he stated that the operation would likely end in a “stalemate.” He also says Gaddafi has not yet violated the UN imposed “no fly zone.”

The Libyan government immediately declared a “cease fire” with rebels after the passing on the UN resolution. The government may have squashed the last major pockets of rebels by the time the resolution was passed anyway. The Libyan government has now turned its full attention to what it calls a “cold war against Islam.”

Gaddafi vowed to die a martyr against “colonial invaders” if need be. Gaddafi, who has been leading a domestic campaign to root out Al-Qaeda, also accused the US government of incompetence for its failure to find Osama Bin Laden.