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Obama pledges foreign aid and mass amnesty while visiting El Salvadore.

While visiting the home base for MS-13, the largest violent criminal gang in the United States, Obama promised mass amnesty for illegal aliens in the United States. This would include over ten thousand murderous MS-13 members.

From Washington Times…

The leaders unveiled a series of partnerships on issues ranging from climate change to security, with Mr. Obama pledging $200 million in U.S. aid to help Mr. Funes’ government address the “social and economic forces that drive young people to criminality.”

The president also sought to reassure El Salvador — which has nearly 2 million of its citizens living in the U.S. — that he’s still committed to shepherding comprehensive immigration legislation through Congress, though he acknowledged the politics are tough.

“America is a nation of laws, and it is a nation of immigrants. And so our job is to create secure borders, to make sure that we’ve got a legal immigration system that is effective and is not frustrating for families, doesn’t divide families,” he said, citing declining Republican support for a bill that would lay out a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. “My hope is that they begin to recognize over the next year that we can’t solve this problem without taking a broad, comprehensive approach.”