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PA CofCC at immigration forum.

On Saturday February 19th, activists from the Pennsylvania Chapter of the Council of Conservative Citizens were in attendance with hundreds of other local patriots at a forum on illegal immigration in Leesport, PA.

The Berks County Patriots hosted the massive patriot event at Leesport Farmers’ Market and provided attendees several nationally recognized speakers, discussion panels, and most importantly the opportunity to engage local politicians in a question and answer session.

The crowd of over 400 white patriots was keenly interested in discussion of the illegal immigration problem, particularly since the region has been experiencing an explosive growth in the illegal alien population, which has been especially noticeable amongst this traditionally German-descended community.

Two of the more prominent speakers, former Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Candidate Sam Rohrer and PA State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, gave their brief presentations during the first portion of the event, which was followed by a question and answer session with attendees.

Both men are upstanding and dedicated patriots committed to opposing the invasion of our country.  Each gave speeches detailing the numerous social and financial costs attributable to illegal aliens such as increases in school costs, welfare programs, and incarceration costs as well as the obvious increase in fraud and crime perpetrated against American citizens.

Representative Metcalfe then engaged in a brief question and answer session with the crowd.  Many of the questions centered on the complicity of the current establishment and politicians in the illegal alien invasion and what can be done about it.

A CofCC activist had the opportunity to make a statement when the ‘open mic’ was passed to her.  She wanted to make it known to those that did not already know that stopping the flow of illegal aliens over the border is not the final solution and more immigration restrictions are needed to safeguard American interests.

“We need to put a moratorium on ALL immigration and to punish businesses that outsource American jobs to foreigners,” stated the activist.   “Even with closed borders, greedy American corporations can still short-change American families by hiring foreigners to work for pennies on the dollar.”

Unfortunately, there were several participants in later panels and discussions that lent a definite multi-cultural flavor to the event, such as Ted Hayes from America’s Black Shield, a group that states that the illegal immigration problem is taking away from America’s ability to properly deal with the slavery issue, and Carmen Morales from You Don’t Speak for Me who has become a staple at regional rallies and a favorite with organizers that want to show their critics that they are not ‘racist’, as well as several lesser known others.

These politically correct panel members were a wasted effort in this nearly homogeneous white Pennsylvania county whose residents are more concerned about how their friends and families are being affected by the invasion of  Third World illegal aliens than how ‘encompassing’ the local patriot group is.  Once again, much energy is wasted on posturing for critics.

One notable absentee at the event was Congressman Lou Barletta (R-PA 11th) who many may remember from his days as Mayor of Hazelton, PA.  As mayor, Barletta gained national notoriety for introducing the Illegal Immigration Relief Act, which the city council approved.

The passage of the act and his strong stance, as perceived at the time, against illegal aliens led to a lawsuit against Barletta by the ACLU and Puerto Rican civil rights group which concluded with the act being ruled as unconstitutional with the ruling being upheld in appeals.

Since then Barletta has lost favor with many of the anti-illegal groups and activists in the region for what has been perceived as him using the issue to exploit a voter bloc to his personal political advantage.  Since his long sought after triumph over Congressman Kanjorski (D-PA 11th) Barletta has further disappointed his constituency by falling in lock-step with the Republican party by voting for the extension of the anti-American and Fourth Amendment violating Patriot Act on February 14, 2011.

Despite some obvious shortcomings, the large attendance at the event is a very loud statement to the establishment that the backbone of this nation’s livelihood has had enough of the government’s policy of turning a blind eye to the invasion of our country.