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Population changes in South Carolina

South Carolina was one of the few states to see a significant increase in white people. (Largely because whites are moving to the coast.)

by Dr. Sean Murphy

The 2010 census results for South Carolina were published today.
Here is the result:

total = 4,625,364 (up from 4,012,012 in 2000)
white = 2,962,740 (up from 2,652,291 in 2000)
black = 1,279,998 (up from 1,178,486 in 2000)
hispanic = 235,682 (up from 95,076 in 2000)

The 10-year changes are approximately:
310,000 more whites
100,000 more blacks
140,000 more hispanics

Between 2000 and 2010, the percentage of whites in the state fell from 66 to 64%.  However, the USA as a whole had a sharper decline from about 69% to 64%.  It’s going to be a close call, and we’ll have to wait for the final results from NY, Maine and DC, but it could be that for the first time in history, South Carolina’s population is whiter than the national average.  If not it’s very close.

The SC counties with the largest white population gains were:

Horry, +51,056
York, +38,634
Greenville, +30,534
Charleston, +28,718
Beaufort, +25,802

And now the bad news…

SC was not spared the immigration invasion during the 2000s decade. In 7 counties, the hispanic population between 2000 and 2010 more than tripled. In 19 other counties it more than doubled.

Here are some examples of hispanic growth.

Lexington county:  up 250% from 4,146 to 14,529
Greenville county:  up 156% from 14,283 to 36,495
Horry county:  up 230% from 5,057 to 16,683

Generally, wherever there was a lot of growth in general, there was a large growth in the hispanic population as well.  Only 1 county lost hispanic
population, tiny McCormick county, which overall had little change. Other counties with modest gains in their hispanic population also happened
to be counties that lost white population.

So, beware of boom towns.  You won’t be alone.  Other people will follow.