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Prosecutor gets gag order in 11 year old gang rape case.

More and more blacks in Cleveland, Texas are publicly blaming the eleven year old victim in a vicious gang rape. Police believe 28 black males participated in the gang rape of an eleven year old Hispanic girl. 18 have been identified from video of the gang rape and 17 of those have been arrested. The perpetrators gleefully videotaped the assault and the video was found circulating among the county’s majority black High Schools and Middle Schools.

From Fox Houston…

A Cleveland court hearing may affect the flow of information surrounding the sexual assault of an 11-year-old girl.

A judge has approved a gag order that would bar investigators, attorneys and witnesses from discussing any information with news organizations Tuesday afternoon.

The Liberty County District Attorney’s Office filed the injunction to prevent pre-trial publicity that could potentially taint the jury. That would impede the defendants’ right to a fair trial.

The events surrounding the gang rape of the victim has garnered local and national attention. Prosecutor Joe Warren said much of the publicity has resulted in “prejudicial” and “misleading” information to be leaked out in the open, according to a Houston Chronicle article.

In other words, the prosecutor is trying to get the story out of the local media. The more coverage it gets, the more local blacks defend the accused. As it is, the defense will undoubtedly try to get as many black women on the jury as possible. They are the most likely to hang juries when the perp is black, no matter what the evidence is. If blacks on the jury know that there is widespread support for the perps among the black community, it will be even harder for them to convict.

Local media has been inundated with images of local blacks, including a pastor and a Black Panther Leader blaming the eleven year old victim. Many say it would be wrong to send so many black men to jail all at once. The “shame and guilt they must feel” is punishment enough.

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