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Rep. Poe: Slash foreign aid!

“There are 192 countries and we give foreign aid to 150 of them” – Rep. Poe (R-TX)

The US policy of buying peace in the Middle East that Poe refers to is the $6.2 Billion in guaranteed military aid to Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority. This is only guaranteed aid, as extra billions are routinely dished out. Israel received about $3 Billion of the guaranteed aid, or almost half. The guaranteed aid pays for 20% of the budget of the Israeli military and 50% of the budget of the Egyptian military. The rest of the money goes to the Jordanian military and Palestinian law enforcement.

This is what is called “paying for peace,” and the US has been doing it in the region for several decades now. (Has it worked?)

[youtube _ocVj6UWiDI]