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Save Who?

by L.R. Olsen (website)

After reading the posting from the CofCc requesting donations, I became curious so I did a little research.

The website for the American Institute of Philanthropy lists their top rated charities.  Out of over five-hundred on their list, only some are considered top quality.  To be rated as top quality a charity must spend at least 75% or more of their budget on programs and not have excessive assets in reserve.  Heres a few topics from their index and the number of charities listed under each category:

  • Abortion & Family planning – 8
  • African-American – 3
  • American Indian – 2
  • Animal & Animal Protection – 11
  • Asia & Asian-American – 4
  • Civil Rights & Advocacy – 6
  • Environment – 31
  • Hispanic – 2
  • Human Rights – 4
  • International Relief & Development – 33
  • Jewish & Israel – 7

These are just the top rated charities; there are hundreds more, not only for these categories, but for youth, children, disabled and many other special interest groups.

Over 3500 areas such as parks, wildlife refuges and reserves are protected worldwide.  The list of endangered species is long and has over 1000 animals worldwide on it.  In the United States the list includes 735 animals and 496 plants either threatened or endangered.  The worldwide list includes the elephant, whales, gorilla, spider monkey, red wolf, cheetah, tiger, panda, white winged duck, spotted owl, California condor, seahorse, rhino, panda, tiger, marine turtle, tree kangaroo and polar bear.

What has been done to save the panda is well documented and pandas are now known and loved the world over.  Before efforts were made to preserve the species they were about extinct.  Now there are 1600 in the wild and 300 in captivity, including breeding centers.

The California Condor was down to only 22 in the wild when every one of them was taken into captivity in 1987 in order to save the species.  In 1992, after successful breeding, they were reintroduced to the wild and now there are about 300 living free.

Protestors will chain themselves to old growth redwood trees in California in order to save them from the lumberjack and his sawmill.

“Whale Wars” has become a popular show on Animal Planet as the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society uses controversial tactics to stop the Japanese from slaughtering whales.

Play a commercial or news story about starving or abused puppies, and wallets are opened immediately.  Millions are spent annually on no-kill animal shelters.

The Sierra Club has an annual budget of over $95 million.  The World Wildlife Fund over $100 million a year.  Greenpeace has a $360 million global empire.  There are at least 50 animal rights groups dedicated to saving animals in one way or another.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) spent almost $30 million in 2004 and the Humane Society of the United States boasts at least $1621 million in assets yet not one shelter, they leave that to the locals.  Instead, the Humans Society of the US focuses on crippling the meat and dairy industries, stopping zoos and circuses from operating and demonizing hunters as animals.

Those are just some of the benign organizations that suck the dollars and time from our People.

The ACLU has an annual budget of around $80 million.  The Southern Poverty Law Center raises tens of millions of dollars to carry on their dirty work annually.

Shall I go on or are you sufficiently depressed?

Hopefully you’re energized to support your People through this, and other groups, that put the interests of your People first.  I have nothing against animals.  My two dogs are great companions.  And I really do like fresh drinking water.

Perspective is essential.  If our People are not protected and our Heritage preserved, what difference will it make how many endangered animals are saved or how much fresh water the world has left to drink?

Priorities.  Heritage first.